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Test your geology knowledge from the class/field with this educational game. Answer the questions relating to geology fields (petrology, mineralogy, etc.) to improve your knowledge.

Made by a Geologist for Geologists.


► Premium design and Ad free
✔ The interface is user-friendly, ad free and very intuitive;
✔ Premium visual effects;
✔ Music on/off function.

► Geology Quizzes – Learn by doing!
✔ The database consists of 400+ questions;
✔ Single player mode with 50 random questions per game);
✔ Hotseat mode (2-8 players), each player will be asked a question in turn (random questions/player). The player with the most points wins;
✔ Category mode: Introduction to Geology, Introduction to Mineralogy, Crystallography, Systematic Mineralogy, Optical Mineralogy, Introduction to Petrology, Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks and Sedimentary Rocks;
✔ Timer and lives functions;
✔ Choose the correct answer among 4 answers;
✔ Randomize the answers;
✔ Learn from your mistakes with the correct answer overlay;
✔ High score function;
✔ Share your high score with your friends on Facebook.

This app can be used as a virtual manual in disciplines like Optical Mineralogy, Mineralogy, Petrology and cannot replace the University classes or ‘dedicated’ books.